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SEO features of CS-Cart

Search engines remain the key traffic source for most websites, and online stores also get a lion share of visitors from them. It is especially important for webstores to optimize both home and internal pages for problem-free indexing since the competition in ecommerce is quite high and it is necessary to focus on people searching for individual products, manufacturers, categories and the store niche in general.

CS-Cart provides all the necessary tools for successful search engine optimization. All key parameters (like title and meta tags, alternative text for images etc) can be defined for each individual page (including products, categories and CMS pages). CS-Cart also provides auto-generated SEO-friendly URL addresses for all page types,
meaning they can be easily accessed by search spiders and contain relevant keywords.

Key SEO parameters of a page
Key SEO parameters of a page

The code of design skins is also search engine friendly, it is very clean and compact being based on CSS and compliant with all modern standards. Besides, for even easier indexing, CS-Cart provides the ability to generate a site map and HTML catalog of static product and category pages (in order to achieve the maximum performance).

With CS-Cart, you get an ecommerce solution focused on maximum SEO flexibility. However, please do not forget about the off-site factors since getting external links and promoting your store on other resource is no less important.