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Seasons of the Consumer

Lilian Chifley

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As the year passes, every business owner notices a fluctuation of profit, new consumers, and production flow. The reason why your business rarely ever moves in a straight or ascending trajectory is that each season of the year carries different consumer needs and habits. Furthermore, with each coming season, your marketing and production activities should also come through a certain change. All of this depends heavily on the industry you are invested in, if you’re selling bottled water, per example, you might experience a spike of sales during the summer, but it’s not as if people will stop drinking water at any particular time of the year.

All things considered, different seasons bring different consumer habits, and this article is here to bring us all a bit closer to understanding how and why individual seasons affect consumer habits.

Post-Holiday Season

After the New Year’s frenzy come January and February, people tend to buy less, due to previously enlarged expenditures. Nevertheless, if you’re invested in the health and lifestyle industry, you could see a rise in sales mostly because of the flu season, and the usual New Year’s resolutions to start living a healthier lifestyle and attempt to take Yoga, Gym, or other health-related activities. Furthermore, St. Valentine’s Day creates a peak in consumer activities for this period, so it’s smart to hit your target audience a little harder with some advertisements related to lovers’ holiday.


As nature comes back to life when the spring comes knocking, so do the consumer needs. Anything from clothes, to home maintenance, and gardening tools experience a demand boom during the second quarter of the year. Easter is always a time when people buy holiday-inspired products, but also lamb and ham get on a high demand list.

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School’s out for summer, as the famous song keeps reminding generations of both young people and adults. This is the time when consumerism is on a low key, except for beach products, and anything related to tourism industry. When it comes to food, summer is a period of the year when people eat light, more street food gets consumed like hot dogs, ice creams, lemonades, salads. The grocery stores could experience higher sales of picnic food as people tend to go out in nature and seek shelter in the shade.

The second half of the summer has just recently become famous for Amazon Prime Day, which is a one and a half day event when Prime customers from all over the world are offered special deals. In 2018, more than 100 million products were sold during this event. Retail industry also experiences a spike in school equipment demand, as the summer approaches its end.


As the school season starts again, this is the time to get some warm clothes and freshen up your closet inventory. Shoes are also on high demand during the fall, so if you’re invested in the retail industry this is a good time to try and grab as much of the market share as you can. Overall, this part of the year is a bit slow and it’s a good time to prepare your marketing strategy and stock up for the upcoming shopping season.

Winter – Holiday Season

As November kicks in, it’s like there’s one long holiday until January. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in the year, followed by Cyber Monday, which is essentially an online version of Black Friday. During the Holiday season consumers seem as if they can’t stop shopping, so in case your inventory is well stocked, it’s sunny days all winter long.


We really hope this article gave you some general guidelines concerning the diversity of consumer habits during the year. Consider these pieces of information when creating your business plan in order to avoid losing customers or missing out on a big sales opportunity.

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