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Save up to $1,000 a Year with CS-Cart Annual Subscription + Multi-Vendor Lifetime Licenses Are Back


Today, we are happy to introduce new purchase opportunities for our CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor software.

The currently existing purchase options remain, and will remain active; we’re just adding the new ones to provide a wider choice to our customers.

CS-Cart Annual Subscription

Subscription-based software licensing has played successfully for giants like Microsoft and Adobe, and we are happy to announce that CS-Cart has joined the club.

A CS-Cart subscription costs $195 per year and includes:

Purchasing CS-Cart on a subscription basis is a great way to get access to more features and save money.

CS-Cart Annual Subscription Features

The subscription model is not only beneficial to a merchant; it also challenges us CS-Cart authors to constantly improve our software, because the better we keep the product, the longer a CS-Cart user stays subscribed. This model stimulates feedback-driven development—when users and developers work together to build a better product.

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Multi-Vendor Lifetime Licenses

We’re happy to announce that the Multi-Vendor lifetime licenses are available for purchase again.

Earlier, we have switched Multi-Vendor licensing to the annual subscription basis, and this licensing option is certainly here to stay. Still, we’ve received multiple requests from our customers and those wanting to becomes ones to bring the lifetime licenses back.

And so we did! We are pleased to offer our potential Multi-Vendor customers a wider choice of purchase options:

  • $590 per year (includes access to upgrades $245–$385/year worth)
  • $1,450 one-time payment (includes 1 year free access to new versions and upgrades)

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If you have any questions about CS-Cart software purchase or licensing, feel free to ask right here in the comments section or address our sales team directly.

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