Report: What’s New in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor in September 2020


We have prepared a video report on what we’ve improved in Multi-Vendor in September 2020, and what we’re planning for the future. The most important topics are simpler product editing page, logo for vendors, some rules for third-party add-ons, and the plans for mobile application.

What we’ve done in September 2020

0:31 — simpler product editing page
2:58 — logo for the vendors who haven’t uploaded their own logo
4:46 — easier management of categories in vendor plans
6:33 — editing structure (layouts) on the storefront
8:51 — it now depends on the storefront whether the marketplace collects tax from vendors
10:17 — rules about menus for third-party add-ons
13:48 — bug fixes

Future plans

14:15 — nearest plans (Help Center, performance of 4.12.1, updated list of add-ons)
15:25 — release of version 4.12.1
15:52 — mobile application
17:28 — surveys in the admin panel

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