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Presenting a New Edition of CS-Cart 4.4.2—CS-Cart Ultimate

CS-Cart Ultimate

Hello! Today we’re launching a new, super feature-packed CS-Cart edition. As part of this launch, we’re offering a fantastic deal, one that could save you thousands of dollars. Sounds tempting? Read on to find out how.

Say you’re buying a laptop for work. You expect to pay for that laptop once and use it for typing, surfing, and gaming whenever and wherever you want. But when you get the machine home and open it, you discover that you can’t write text because there’s no word processing software installed.

It turns out you have to pay additionally for word processing software every month to be able to work with text. Next, you find out you can’t listen to music on your laptop because you have to pay monthly for a music service. All of this can add up to being pricey—not to mention time wasting and frustrating! All you wanted was to pay for the laptop once and get everything you need in the package.

That’s precisely what we’ve done with CS-Cart—simplified our product by including in the package all the add-ons and features we were previously offering for additional fees.

Meet CS-Cart Ultimate, which includes everything the usual CS-Cart has plus an unlimited number of storefronts and an admin mobile app! And yeah, until December 6, you can get it for just $350—that’s a mind-blowing discount of $515!

Why CS-Cart Ultimate is Cool

Not so long ago, we reconsidered our upgrade policy: now, the upgrade subscription price is fixed and doesn’t depend on the number of storefronts you have in a single CS-Cart installation. We received tons of positive feedback messages from our customers about that change in the upgrade policy.

So now, we’re moving on and presenting the Ultimate edition, which includes all the features of the usual CS-Cart, plus an unlimited number of storefronts and an admin mobile app.

What Benefits Do Multiple Storefronts Offer?

Did you know McDonald’s earned $25 billion in 2015? They got this insane amount of revenue from 35,500 restaurants worldwide. Of course, that revenue would be even more … if there were more restaurants. You, too, can boost your revenue by opening more online stores.

However, opening an additional store can be both time and money consuming: you have to buy an additional license, configure the server, and install and configure the shopping cart software. Remember what it was like when you launched your first store?

With CS-Cart, opening an additional store is easy. Thanks to the multistore feature, you can open another storefront on a different domain and manage all the storefronts via a single admin panel. No server configuration, no more software installations. Simply add an extra storefront in your admin panel, set it up, and you’re good to sell.

Multiple storefronts in the admin panel

And get this: you can configure your extra storefronts as independent stores: set the currency and languages, the design, the products, and much more.

Before Ultimate, we were selling extra storefront licenses separately for $245 each. In CS-Cart Ultimate, you are free to add as many storefronts as you want. For free.


This store from China has 2 storefronts on different domains: on the first storefront they sell tools and consumer electronics and on the second, trendy smart devices.

What about Admin Mobile App?

When you’re a business person, you barely have time to sit in front of your computer and monitor your income, orders, and the work of your managers. Say you haven’t entered your store admin panel for a while and you finally get half an hour to check how everything is going. You enter the admin panel and see your managers couldn’t handle all the orders—many of them are unprocessed. Shoot! You didn’t see the problem in time and didn’t organize your managers.

To ensure your store workflow is smooth, you need to keep it continuously under control. Since you always have your smartphone with you, you could use that to log in to your admin panel and check the workflow. But in a mobile web browser, the CS-Cart admin panel is inconvenient: menus and buttons are small, meaning you have to pinch & zoom in to operate the admin panel.

But we’ve now conveniently eliminated all that mobile hassle. Instead of entering your admin panel through a mobile web browser, install a Twigmo Admin application to your iOS or Android device. This application connects to the Mobile admin app add-on installed in your CS-Cart Ultimate and offers a convenient mobile admin panel:

Mobile admin panel

How to Get CS-Cart Ultimate

The CS-Cart Ultimate’s standard price is $865. With the license, you get one year of free upgrades. After a year of using CS-Cart Ultimate, you can buy a 1-year upgrade subscription to continue receiving upgrades. The 1-year upgrade subscription for CS-Cart Ultimate costs $360.

But we’ve got a limited offer for existing customers. Save a whopping $515 when switching to Ultimate. With the special promo code, you can buy the CS-Cart Ultimate license for $350 until December 6.

Special offer As a part of this promotion, our support engineers will assist you with upgrading to CS-Cart 4.4.2 and switching your store to Ultimate. And they won’t take a single support credit from you! But hurry: after December 6, our support team won’t be able to help you upgrade your store to Ultimate without support credits.

Here are the steps to upgrade your store to CS-Cart Ultimate:

  • Copy this promo code:
  • Buy the CS-Cart Ultimate license from our website using the promo code. During the checkout process, don’t forget to enter the promo code in the Got a promo code? field and click the arrow on the right to apply the code and reduce the original price from $865 to $350—saving $515.
  • Easily switch your store to CS-Cart Ultimate. Contact our support engineers via Help Desk and tell them you need assistance with upgrading your store to 4.4.2 and replacing your existing license number with the Ultimate one. They will be glad to help—no support credits needed. Please note: the upgrade assistance doesn’t include adopting your custom source code changes (including 3rd party add-ons and design changes) to version 4.4.2.
Guarantee We offer a money-back guarantee. If you buy the license upgrade to the Ultimate edition and our support team cannot upgrade your store as a result of a technical constraint, we’ll refund your money on request.

What do you think of CS-Cart Ultimate? You’re welcome to share in the comments!

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