Christmas Shopping Campaign to Boost Your Sales

In the run-up to Christmas, every business should be looking for opportunities to promote themselves and make more sales and use this opportunity for Christmas shopping campaign. Thankfully there are many things that you can do to bring customers to your site over the festive season and make them more likely to convert. Here we take a look at some of the most important pre-Christmas marketing strategies to help your business boost Christmas sales.

Send out a Christmas shopping oriented email campaign

Christmas is the perfect time to put out a large email campaign. This is the time of year that shoppers are most interested, not only in great prices and best Christmas deals but also simply in new ideas for Christmas gifts. This gives your Christmas shop online the chance to promote products or services by email with a good chance of them being considered.

Remember that more than half of Christmas shopping is completed in December or later, so it not too late to be sending out a Christmas offers through email campaign around this time of year. In fact, it might be one of the most effective times of year to do so.

Get more reviews from your customers

The run-up to Christmas is a peak period for eCommerce businesses, as customers begin searching around for the perfect products at the right prices. This will make them expand their normal range of websites that they might be interested in buying from, and this can provide you with an opportunity. But it is important to remember as well that when you are trying to convince someone new to buy from your company, they need to trust you.

Building trust takes time, so you need to be doing everything you can to facilitate that process. One of the crucial things that you can do is to get reviews from your customers. Reviews can provide new customers with a reason to trust you, as they show that real people are buying from you and that you provide high quality, legitimate products. Customers should know that you offer the best Christmas deals.

And getting reviews on your site and on others such as review sites and Google My Business, can have the added benefit of boosting your search engine optimization, helping your site to rank higher on Google at this crucial time of year.

Add a dash of Christmas magic to your branding

It might seem simple, but it is very effective. There’s a good reason that all of the big names like Coca Cola, Starbucks, and McDonald’s, all add a festive sparkle to their branding over the Christmas period—it works.

Getting customers in the spirit is a great way to make them feel good about your products and inspire them to buy. This is the magic of Christmas shopping online.

Create a sense of urgency

Urgency is absolutely essential in eCommerce—once you have your potential customer on your site, they are in a prime position to convert. So, you need to be doing everything you can to ensure that they don’t click away from your site and look elsewhere; they need to feel that it is essential that they make their purchase as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Christmas offers the perfect opportunity to do this. As well as standard methods of creating urgency (such as providing information of items becoming low in stock), you can also take advantage of messaging that promotes the idea of getting products sent out in time for Christmas. If your customers want to ensure that they get their deliveries in time for Christmas Day they need to buy urgently.

Entice back those missed opportunities

The last thing that you want to do is get all the hard work done right, and then fall at the final hurdle. Cart abandonment is a major issue for businesses especially over the period leading up to Christmas, and it can be a source of huge frustration as your business can miss out on Christmas sales, simply because customers don’t feel ready to buy.

It is essential that you minimize the possibility of losing sales—so why not add a little sweetener. If a customer attempts to click away from your page, or leaves the cart open for a significant period of time (indicating that they may have opened a new tab) provide them with a pop-up that offers a discount to continue with the purchase. It also can be Christmas gifts sale. This can be just the onus that they need to decide to buy.

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