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Platform for SaaS Reviews Distinguishes CS-Cart Multi-Vendor as a Great User Experience for Shopping Cart Software

A team of B2B software experts recently conducted a review of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, and they analyzed all aspects of our product—from functionalities that help you start selling from the get-go to marketing tools designed to boost your sales. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor received a fairly positive 9.0 score, and the cherry on top are the two esteemed awards we received: Great User Experience for 2018 and Rising Star for 2018.

According to FinancesOnline, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor equips users with all the e-commerce tools upon installation, and navigating one’s admin panel is a breeze due to convenient and strategically placed menus. This has allowed us to receive their Great User Experience award for leading shopping cart software, a distinction for software products that have proven easy to use and well-designed in facilitating your workflows thanks to an intuitive interface. “Navigation is a breeze and you’ll be well acquainted with the panel in less than two hours,” FinancesOnline stated in their review.”

Over 1,300 e-commerce marketplaces and retail stores use CS-Cart Multi-Vendor to power their business, which is a testament to the efficiency and popularity of our platform. FinancesOnline gave a valuable insight in this regard, as we received a 100 percent user satisfaction rating alongside their Rising Star award. This award signifies that CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has tremendously increased in popularity and are perceived by our clients as a robust and feature-packed e-commerce marketplace platform for managing their business.

With our team consistently adding new upgrades and tweaks to improve your work process and security, as stated by FinancesOnline, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is an unmatched marketplace platform that stands apart from the crowded online shopping cart market. “The software is constantly improved to ensure continuing compatibility with the latest server technologies. That means your business remains up to part with your competition,” FinancesOnline wrote.

Furthermore, the B2B software directory recently came up with its ecommerce software list and we’re happy to be included. It’s yet another proof to our software being a major product in the ecommerce field.

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