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Overview of the best graphic clipart sources

If you’re willing to bring a little charm into your online store, it would be good to spice it up with some high-quality, attractive images. However, this should be done carefully.

The simplest approach is to use images found via Google or Yahoo. But how about a possible copyright violation? Using such tools as TinEye, an experienced photographer is likely to find out what you’ve done. And this is probably not the best idea.

However, there is a safe and simple alternative: look for free pictures via online photo libraries where they are presented for free usage and distribution. There is a large number of such libraries filled with impressive free images which can be used even for commercial purposes. Here are some of the best of them:


This service has a long history, it has been started in 1998 and it is not surprising that its photo base is very large. Photos are carefully sorted by categories, so it’s very easy to find what you need by browsing through thumbnails.

Here you can find a small but a high-quality collection of photos, logo templates, clipart, textures and backgrounds. This is a great website to find graphics for your website, but please note that images at Stockvault are free only for non-commercial use.


At Unprofound, you can get some excellent pictures without too strict limits on their usage. You won’t even have to register in order to download them. Besides, the resource is completely non-commercial meaning you won’t see a single disturbing ad. Can’t this be attractive?

Free Media Goo

You may browse the whole media library at Free Media Goo within a few minutes, and the image resolution here is relatively low. However, it has some impressive photos along with a small number of useful textures. A registration is not needed as well, just download what you need.


The best thing at Morguefile is its powerful search tool. It is possible to use category filters, keywords and narrow search results by size, ratings, dimensions and even colors. This means that you can easily exclude unnecessary pictures from search results. The license conditions are very loyal and requires no registration.

And which resources do you use to find images for yourself?

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