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New Import in CS-Cart: Faster, Feature-Richer, and Friendlier


You have to keep your store’s catalog up to date: update the quantity, names, descriptions, images, add new products. In a small online store with 100 products, you can do it all manually. Just open product editing pages one by one in the admin panel and edit product properties.

For larger online stores the manual method doesn’t work. Just imagine how much time you will need to change descriptions for 5000 products!

Product import solves that problem. By using import, you can update a thousand product catalog in a couple of minutes. You get a file with products from your supplier in CSV or XML format, upload it to the store, set up the import and launch it. In a couple of minutes, your catalog is updated.

This is the perfect case.

But in real life, different suppliers send files in various formats and with various structure. Often, column names in the supplier’s file don’t match product property names in CS-Cart. And this is a crucial aspect—if column names in the supplier’s files don’t meet CS-Cart’s requirements, import might be finished with errors. Then you’ll have to correct errors manually.

To make the import run smoothly, you had to open supplier’s files in Excel or LibreCalc and change column names so that they match product property names in CS-Cart.

With the new import, you no longer need to edit column names every time. You just create an import preset for a particular supplier once and use it for next trouble-free imports.

The new import also works with modifiers—functions that change the imported file content without you involved in the process. You can also schedule import via CRON and import all product images in a single file.

We’ve prepared a video presentation—it explains the advantages of the new import and shows how to use its features.

Watch how the new import works

You are welcome to discuss the new import in the CS-Cart forum.

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