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The second part of the new CS-Cart release features preview

Hello everybody!

In my previous post I wrote about the new functions and improvements that will be included in CS-Cart when the new release is out. Those things were great, but the features I’m going to tell you about now are hardly less important.

But before we start, I’d like to thank everybody who commented on the first part of the preview. Getting feedbacks (and especially such positive ones) is really important, I appreciate it very much. Please keep on doing so :-)

And now, let’s get on with it!

Customer login via Facebook, Twitter, OpenID and others

CS-Cart is becoming more socialized! The coming release brings on social login — the feature allowing customers to log in to CS-Cart-powered stores using their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google and many other social services. Well, ain’t that great?

This feature became possible with the help of Janrain Engage, web-service that gives social networking flavour to arbitrary web-sites with user login. We’ve powered CS-Cart with a special add-on that connects your shop with a Janrain account. Just activate this add-on in the CS-Cart administration panel and perform some initial setup to let your customers enjoy social login right away.


Adding social login is a huge step forward in the evolution of CS-Cart. We’re sure our clients will appreciate it at its true value. You can find full list of the supported services here.

“Back in stock” notifications for customers

Another fresh addition to appear is customer notification about the out-of-stock products getting available again. Easy to configure and easy to use, it is a valuable tool: one click for you to turn it on and another one for a customer to sign up — that’s all it takes to keep them notified and help them not miss their purchase.


The notifications work both for registered and unregistered customers: a customer just leaves their email to get notified without even signing on!


Improved 2Checkout Fraud Protection Service integration

2checkoutIn the end I’d like to say a few words about a slight 2Checkout improvement we’ve done. It’s about payment statuses, which have become clearer and more specific: a payment being validated will receive the Open status until it turns Processed or Declined depending on a fraud check result.

Thanks for reading, hope you’ve enjoyed it :-) Remember, your ideas are always welcome at our forum.

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