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Multichannel Marketing Strategy for Maximum Effects over Holiday Season

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Online sales are especially fruitful throughout the holiday season. That’s because an increasing number of people do their best to avoid the crowd, so they turn to online stores.

In November, Adobe Analytics published its online shopping predictions for the 2018 holiday season. The forecast is optimistic. Online spending in the USA is expected to grow 14.8%. When you compare that growth to the 2.7% predicted for brick-and-mortar stores, you should be happy to be selling your products online.

But even if you make the best offer, it won’t be enough to attract a great deal of customers. You have to spread out your marketing campaign across multiple channels and you need to make it really effective.

That’s what we’re here for today. We’ll give you tips on how to develop your holiday season marketing strategy for maximum effect.

1. Develop an Exceptional Email Marketing Campaign

Those who subscribed to your email list did it for a reason. They want to be on the receiving side of your email marketing campaign. If you make it a good one, you’ll sell more products.

Give them a head start! The recipients of your email want to know when the discounts will start so they will order their products while they are in stock.

Offer special discounts for products they like. These may be products they have in their wish list or the ones from an abandoned shopping cart.

Include great content! Shopping guides are definitely helpful. You can offer them as eBooks or highlighted articles that you’ll share in the messages. To help with content development, you can count on professional writing services. Here are a few suggestions:

2. Develop a Mobile App

Do you know how ASOS, a British retailer, gets 58% of its customers to shop on mobile? Simple: they developed a mobile app and they made it really good!

Just think about it: mobile shopping is really convenient. You can do it while commuting to work. You can do it during breaks at work. You can do it in a coffee shop. You can even do it during a boring meeting.

That’s what you want to offer to your customers.

3. Engage the Audience on Social Media

All competitors focus on engaging your followers, so you want to do the same thing.

Get in the theme! Create special visuals that will take the holiday spirit to all social media profiles.

Really engage the audience! Start contests, spread out surveys, and let them ask questions. When people contact you, get your customer support team to respond without delays.

4. Invest in Paid Ads

Organic methods (such as content marketing and free social media marketing) take quite some time before they yield results. With paid advertising, you get instant results.

Pay for ads on platforms where your brand is already well-established. If you haven’t been too active on Instagram, targeting that community now doesn’t make sense. You want your ad to be seen on a platform where your brand has the presence.

Set a realistic advertising budget.

Get the attention of your audience with a call to action. Feature the special offers through great visuals and give the ad some festive spirit. Remember: this is your holiday marketing campaign.

5. Make Sure Your Website Can Handle It

Can your website handle the traffic? It’s really important to make the needed improvements; otherwise, the marketing campaign will attract plenty of customers and your site will crash.

Pay attention to the security system. People are only going to spend money at your website if it’s safe. That’s why it’s important to opt for the best shopping cart software. With CS-Cart, you get extreme functionality within a safe online environment. The system is completely protected against hackers, so online shoppers from all around the world trust it.

Get Your Holiday Campaign on Point!

You’ll target email, mobile users, social media, and Google. Spreading out your marketing campaign across multiple channels makes a real difference. Shoppers are ready to shop; you just need to take them to your website.

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