Multi-Vendor Ultimate: Big Update Coming This Fall


In June, we launched the most feature-packed edition of our marketplace solution CS-Cart Multi-Vendor—Ultimate. Multi-Vendor Ultimate includes all the functions of the standard and Plus editions, plus 4 exclusive features:

  • Multiple storefronts to create an unlimited number of marketplaces on different domains and control them all via a single admin panel.
  • Free prioritized technical support via an online chat during one year.
  • Free lifetime upgrades—to receive upgrades, you don’t need to buy an upgrade subscription every year.
  • Access to the mobile application source code—you can customize the app the way you want and adapt it perfectly to your business.

This fall, we’re releasing a big update that takes the multi-store feature in Ultimate to a whole new level.

Since the release of Multi-Vendor Ultimate, we’ve been speaking with our customers, conducting interviews, and collecting feedback. And we heard you: the update brings multi-store improvements that you’ve been asking for since the release of Ultimate. And they’re coming to your marketplaces this fall.

What Improvements?

All the improvements touch upon the multi-store feature of Multi-Vendor Ultimate. Now, you have even more possibilities for setting up multiple storefronts:

Assign payment and shipping methods independently for each storefront

This function is a must if you’re running separate storefronts for different countries. You can offer customers the most convenient payment and shipping methods for their countries.

Apple Pay for Great Britain, Google Pay for Australia

Set themes and configure layouts for different storefronts independently

Tweak the design of your storefronts independently. Need a bright theme for your storefront in Australia and a dark one for Great Britain? You’ll be able to do it easily. Same for layouts.

The dark theme for Great Britain, the bright theme for Australia
Selecting a storefront to edit the layout for

Separate robots.txt file for each storefront

You’ll be able to instruct web crawlers what content to index and what not to independently for each storefront.

We’d like to thank all our customers who gave us feedback and suggestions on how we can improve Multi-Vendor Ultimate so the product meets your expectations and needs. The development goes in the right direction thanks to you guys.

Once we release the update, we’ll publish a news post and send a newsletter. Stay tuned!