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Mobile features of CS-Cart: SMS notifications

Modern life is getting more and more dynamic, especially for business people. While the wide availability of wireless Internet makes it possible to work online from many access points, it still makes sense to receive the most important information in real time, without the necessity to check things every couple of hours.

That is why CS-Cart is equipped with SMS notification functionality allowing store owners to receive instant messages on key events right on their mobile phone. It is implemented via a special add-on integrated with Clickatell mobile messaging provider.

Just after signing up for an SMS gateway account and activating the module, you will be notified of your webstore’s activity as long as your mobile is active.

SMS notification settings
SMS notification settings

One can get real-time SMS notifications on all major events taking place during online store functioning: new orders, customer registrations and low-stock limit for particular products.

In order to limit the volume of messages, it’s also possible to set the minimal order amount and pick shipping methods for which notifications should be sent. It makes your work more convenient and allows to concentrate on large and expensive orders so you could react immediately.

Please, check the CS-Cart documentation to see the exact instructions on enabling and configuring SMS notifications for your online store.