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Meeting with Our Partner from Australia

Last week, we met Joe Manariti—our partner from Australia and director of SWiM Communications.

On the meeting, our representatives discussed with Mr. Manariti the future development of CS-Cart and the ways to make CS-Cart #1 among other e-commerce platforms.

Of course, we prepared gifts for our dear partner, so did Mr. Manariti: he presented us with an awesome Australian football kit—AFL ball, shirt, and two Kangaroos beanies:

Also, Mr. Manariti recorded a video message—he tells about his successful business based on CS-Cart implementations and his customers’ successful web stores that work on CS-Cart:

We’d like to thank Joe Manariti and SWiM Communications for the kind words and their loyalty to CS-Cart. Our parnter’s success is the best motivation for our team!

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