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Meet Multi-Vendor 4.11.5 with PayPal Commerce Platform

Hello! We have released CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.11.5. It is a patch release, so it is supposed to include bug fixes and small improvements. But this time the patch includes a rather big new addition: PayPal Commerce Platform.

  • New add-on: PayPal Commerce Platform. This solution by PayPal allows marketplaces to accept payments and distribute them among vendors. Such specialized solutions have the following advantages:
    • Easier checkout for customers. A customer has to make only one payment, regardless of how many vendors are involved.
    • Less workload for admins. The money from an order is distributed automatically between the vendors and the marketplace.
    • Onboarding for vendors. A vendor connects an existing PayPal account or registers a new one in the marketplace admin panel. That’s where the vendor’s money will end up.

You can find out more about the PayPal Commerce Platform in our Multi-Vendor progress report and in CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor documentation.

  • Improved support of Apple Pay and Google Pay. These payment methods can be set up thanks to the Stripe Payments add-on. They now work better with some add-ons from Multi-Vendor Plus and Ultimate:
    • Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments. If you use this add-on and allow each vendor to offer their own payment methods, then they will be able to offer Apple Pay and Google Pay.
    • Common Products for Vendors. This add-on allows you to keep the catalog organized: you create the products, their descriptions, etc; vendors decide which products they sell, and at what price. Apple Pay and Google Pay now work properly with this add-on.
  • You can allow vendors to handle call requests. The Call Requests add-on now has a setting that determines whether vendors can manage call requests. Our July video report shows how that setting works.
  • Dashboard data in Multi-Vendor Ultimate now depends on the selected storefront. See how it works in our July video report.
  • Other improvements: Multi-Vendor 4.11.5 also receives all the improvements from CS-Cart. They are described in a separate article. 

In blog articles, we list only the most important changes. The full list of changes is available in the documentation.

The upgrades to version 4.11.5 are already available. As usual, for the first couple of weeks after the release we hand out upgrade packages in limited numbers, but then we lift that restriction. So if you don’t see this upgrade in your Upgrade Center yet, please try again later.

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