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Making Facebook Content Part of Your eCommerce and Retail Business Marketing Strategy

Grace Carter

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Not all social media channels are created equal and Facebook is one of those platforms that you just want to get right first time, particularly if you’re the owner of an e-business and thinking of advertising your goods online.

Getting the right content for a Facebook marketing strategy is not an impossible task, though plenty of hard work needs to go into it. With the right research and the right style in place, your eCommerce marketing campaign should start seeing some impressive results.

Facebook Ads

The first thing to bear in mind when building your marketing content for Facebook is that it is not a shopping site. People do not use Facebook to buy goods, they come on to catch up with friends, post about their lives and stalk ex-boyfriends. The shopping part happens when they see an advertisement that appeals to them or when a friend likes a particular page after buying a product themselves. The rate of buyer dropout is higher than with a search engine, where a browser is looking for a specific item and has more intention of buying.

With that in mind, Facebook ads need to be exactly right and aimed at a specific market. Adam Nowak, a Social Media Manager at Boom Essays, agrees. He said: “There are certainly tools that try and persuade visitors to Facebook to buy when they weren’t intending to purchase anything but creating a targeted advertising campaign will serve you well and takes away the uncertainty of who you’re aiming your goods at”.

Make It Visual

While a witty caption and powerful words will take you so far on Facebook, like most forms of marketing, it’s the visual image that draws in a potential customer.

You quite literally have milliseconds to stop the browser in their tracks and get them to read your ad campaign. Facebook itself encourages creative visual advertising with its Collection Ads. These handy posts allow for a larger scale picture followed by some product description. These ads are eye-catching and help draw your customer straight to your selling page.

Of course, you’re not limited to using still pictures and if you are able to create content using a short video, then this may play out with your customers even more.

Naturally, any photo or video must be original and engaging. It should not look like a last minute decision or an afterthought.

Use Tools to Get Your Writing Right

The online tools like Essayroo and UKWritings can be useful weapons in the fight against poor grammar, spelling errors and content that fails to flow properly.

Harness The Power Of Mobile Data

Too many Facebook adverts are geared towards desktop users, whereas statistics show us year on year that social media platforms are increasingly used by people with mobile devices. Make sure your content, graphics, and links work well and open properly on mobile devices. Users will not tolerate incompatible advertising and certainly won’t hang around for you to get it right.

Building content around your customer and not around your business is the key to creating a long-term, results-driven marketing strategy.

Once your advertising campaign has gone live and has been effective, make sure that those email addresses you’ve collected do not go to waste. As any marketer knows, retaining existing customers is much easier than recruiting new ones, so use those addresses to send promotions and updates.

Focus on these three things and you will begin to see results. From now on it’s up to you to grow and adapt your eCommerce Facebook marketing strategy and adapt to changing trends, retaining returning customers and attracting new ones. Harness the power of Facebook and see how far your online business will go. By the way, CS-Cart shopping cart software has a widget that you can use to embed your e-commerce store to Facebook and convert customers even more effectively.

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