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Introducing Multi-Vendor 4.7.1 with Stripe Connect and Customer-to-Vendor Communication


Multi-Vendor 4.7.1 brings 3 new features: a payment distribution service Stripe Connect, the ability to contact a vendor from a product page, vendor blocks now appear on all the vendor micro-store pages.

Plus, this Multi-Vendor update features all the new stuff CS-Cart 4.7.1 has. Read a separate CS-Cart release post and the changelog to learn more. And here are changes for developers.

Stripe Connect

Managing an online marketplace, you naturally have to deal with money distribution. Your sellers pay commissions to you, you make payouts to them: it’s important not to mess things up.

The best way to organize money distribution is to automate it. Which is why Multi-Vendor already has a built-in payment distribution system called PayPal Adaptive. Unfortunately, PayPal has made it permanently unavailable—you won’t be able to register in PayPal Adaptive by yourself. We can help you with registering individually, although who knows when PayPal will stop Adaptive once and for all?

That’s why we’ve added a similar payment distribution system from Stripe—Stripe Connect. Check the documentation to learn how to enable and set it up.

Customer-to-Vendor Communication

When a customer is hesitating to choose the product, the opportunity to ask the seller about the product might well be precisely the feature needed to convert the customer into a buyer. The ability to get in touch with a seller right from the product page makes it easy and convenient and makes the product more attractive for buying.

Multi-Vendor 4.7.1 features a new add-on, Customer-to-Vendor Communication, which adds the new section Customers → Message center to the admin panel. Customers can now send messages to sellers from a product page and a seller micro-store.

Vendor Blocks on All the Vendor Micro-Store Pages

Each seller on your marketplace can have their own micro-store and can arrange blocks in the micro-store via the layout manager to make its pages look as they want.

Previously, there was an issue, in which the seller couldn’t add certain blocks, such as vendor logo and vendor categories, to pages except for the micro-store home page. This meant that a customer who opened a seller’s product page or article didn’t see their categories or logo. In fact, the customer left the micro-store, and the only way to get back was to press the back button in the web browser.

Good news: we have fixed this issue! Now, vendor blocks work on all pages, and customers who browse a seller’s products always see that seller’s logo and categories.

The upgrade for all existing Multi-Vendor users will be available within a week. If you don’t have a Multi-Vendor marketplace and looking for a shopping cart software, download Multi-Vendor and try if free for 30 days.

Don’t forget to read the CS-Cart 4.7.1 release post as Multi-Vendor has all those features, too.

What do you guys think about these new features in CS-Cart 4.7.1? We’ll be happy to read your feedback in the forum.

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