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Introducing Multi-Vendor 4.5.1 with Automatic Vendor Payout System

“CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is the best software the store’s owner could find—it easily allows to deal with a lot of number of vendors, take payments, upload and edit products very quickly and engage with the customers.”


We’re proudly presenting our new big release—CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.5.1.

The new version’s rock star is definitely Multi-Vendor. We’ve upgraded it with an automatic payment distribution system—PayPal Adaptive Payments.

Multi-Vendor is a perfect piece of software to open an online marketplace. We’ll tell you why.

So, Why Multi-Vendor?

What is a marketplace? It’s a common space where multiple independent sellers showcase their products. What is an online marketplace? It’s the same thing but in the form of a big online store. The best example of an online marketplace is eBay.

Multi-Vendor works the same as eBay. You launch your online marketplace, invite sellers, and manage their activities. You don’t even need to sell anything—simply invite sellers to your marketplace, take commissions on their sales, and make money out of thin air.

We developed Multi-Vendor years ago. But it’s really only now that we’ve come to understand what a great product we created. We did some research and found that 1,300 marketplaces worldwide work on Multi-Vendor. Some of them have a huge number of products and sellers.

Take ShopClues, a huge marketplace from India that has an unbelievable number of SKUs—53,000,000. The number of registered sellers is astonishing—500,000. Yet, this marketplace works pretty fast. Check it out (if you can’t access it, open it through a VPN as ShopClues is not available in some countries).

Another marketplace we are proud to support is Yumbles. It offers yummy food, with each seller an independent food producer. This marketplace from the UK has 7,000 products, 1,200 sellers, and one of the most attractive storefronts we’ve ever seen.

Often, the heart of a marketplace is an original idea. Keep America is one such marketplace. The owner of this marketplace started out with the idea of selling only American-made products. When people shop in Keep America, they help to create jobs. This marketplace is well-known and trusted in the US and has been featured on more than 60 TV shows.

And there are many more!

When we tell you how Multi-Vendor is one of the best marketplace solutions, we’re not exaggerating. In the research we did, we compared Multi-Vendor with similar solutions from competitors. See for yourself what we found:

To learn more about what Multi-Vendor is and how it works, check out our short introduction video course. There are 10 videos, 2—3 minutes each.

But what makes Multi-Vendor 4.5.1 greater than ever is an automatic vendor payout system—PayPal Adaptive Payments. Read on to learn more about its advantage.

Why You Need PayPal Adaptive in Multi-Vendor

Say you have 1,000 vendors in your marketplace. Each of them sells hundreds of products every day. How to manage the money cycle?

Before Multi-Vendor 4.5.1 that could be a concern. You took all the income from vendor sales and paid out to vendors their share on a certain date. Imagine: you had to analyze the accounting records for all the vendor sales, calculate how much you should pay to each vendor, and find a way to transfer the money. Too much movement?

Not anymore.

Multi-Vendor 4.5.1 now features PayPal Adaptive Payments, which automatically divides each payment made by a customer between the vendor and the marketplace owner. No more manual calculations, no more manual transactions. Set up PayPal Adaptive once and forget about manual payouts.

Explore these 4 detailed documents on PayPal Adaptive in Multi-Vendor to learn how to set it up:

We’re 100% sure that the automatic payout system will make your life as a marketplace owner much easier. We’re also 100% sure this feature, along with all the others makes Multi-Vendor one of the best solutions for building a marketplace.

Get Multi-Vendor 4.5.1 and enjoy!

How to Get It

If you’re running a Multi-Vendor marketplace, upgrade to the latest version in Administration → Upgrade center. The upgrade is only available for marketplace owners with an active upgrade subscription. Make sure your subscription is active. If it’s not, extend it here with a 20% discount. Check your mailbox for a newsletter from us containing the discount code.

If you’re about to open a marketplace, download the installation package and buy the Multi-Vendor license with a personal 10% discount. Check your mailbox to find the discount code in our newsletter.

Note that you can use these discounts up to and including March 4. So don’t delay getting Multi-Vendor 4.5.1 to save money!

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See ya!

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