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Introducing CS-Cart Multi-Vendor No-Code—a cloud-based marketplace platform

With Multi-Vendor No-Code, you quickly and affordably start an online marketplace and seamlessly migrate to its big brother Multi-Vendor On-Premises once you grow.

What’s Multi-Vendor No-Code

Multi-Vendor No-Сode is a cloud-based platform that allows you to start an eCommerce marketplace fast, cheap, and with no technical skills.

This is the same time-tested CS-Cart Multi-Vendor with all its 500 features, 70+ payment and shipping options, no-code UI, mobile app, and 50 built-in add-ons. And it doesn’t require third-party hosting and coding at all.

What problem Multi-Vendor No-Code solves

When launching a marketplace MVP or starting a small niche marketplace, entrepreneurs strive to do it fast and to save money. Building such projects on a self-hosted or even enterprise-level platform can be risky: these platforms usually have higher ownership costs and require technical skills to deploy and customize the marketplace.

These factors inevitably lead to more spendings, hosting and coding headaches, and broken deadlines. This is unacceptable for such projects, especially for MVPs.

Multi-Vendor No-Code helps small businesses and solopreneurs get started with a marketplace in days for an affordable monthly fee. No tech stuff, no hosting headaches. And the coolest thing is that you can seamlessly migrate to a full-scale Multi-Vendor On-Premises solution once your MVP is successful or once you need to grow.

Why Multi-Vendor No-Code is perfect for small marketplaces with growth potential

Start Fast, Scale Vast—you heard it from us many times. Multi-Vendor No-Code is a perfect “starter pack” for a beginning marketplacer. Not only can you start fast on No-Code and get all you need for a fixed monthly payment, you can later seamlessly migrate to our more powerful and flexible on-premises marketplace software.

When you sign up for No-Code, you basically get our time-proved marketplace platform Multi-Vendor with all its 500 features, 50 built-in add-ons, payment and shipping options, mobile app on higher plans, and other advantages.

But in case of No-Code, you don’t deal with installation, web administration, coding, and hosting. And you only pay a small monthly fee. You can’t do code modifications and install third-party add-ons. That’s what differs No-Code from its big brother On-Premises.

What you get with Multi-Vendor No-Code

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