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Introducing CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.11.2 with Warehouses Improvements


We’ve released CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.11.2. This is a patch-release with minor improvements and fixes.

Warehouses Improvements

In CS-Cart 4.11.1, we released a big feature—Warehouses. It helps you track inventory separately for different offline locations—stores, pickup points, and warehouses. It also informs customers about the availability and the delivery period.

This function is on the Beta stage now and we’re continuously working on it. Here’s what we fixed this time:

  • Customers see the delivery delay warning even if you don’t have brick and mortar stores. For example, if you deliver products directly to customers from a distant warehouse, you can still warn customers about the delivery delay. You couldn’t do it before if you didn’t have brick and mortar stores.
  • Deactivated stores don’t show up on product pages. It was a bug: customers could see unavailable stores on product pages. Deactivated warehouses were also available for inventory tracking. We’ve fixed it—now, if you deactivate a warehouse or a store, they become unavailable.
  • Admins now see what stores and pickup points are available for customers in rate areas. We’ve added a new tab to a rate area editing page—Pickup Locations. On this tab, admins can see the list of stores and pickup points that are available for customers in a certain rate area.

New Storefront Switcher

If you have multiple storefronts, you can switch the stores in the admin panel. Before, the design of the switcher didn’t fit the overall interface design. Now, the switcher looks seamless.

Australia Post Update

By default, CS-Cart integrates with 8 world’s most popular carriers. Australia Post is one of them. Carriers update their software from time to time. The integration should be updated as well so that the shipping service works fine.

Australia Post has updated its service codes recently. They kept the backward compatibility but we updated the integration anyway.

Stripe Connect Refunds Work Fine

Stripe Connect allows marketplace administrators to set up automatic payment distribution among vendors.

Before there was an issue with refunds via Stripe Connect—the money couldn’t be refunded to a customer via this payment method. We have fixed it—now refunds via Stripe Connect work fine.

Worth Mentioning

  • No errors when you edit a shipping method with the Suppliers add-on enabled. Customers reported an issue: a fatal error occurred when they edited any shipping method with the Suppliers add-on enabled. No errors now.
  • The personal data processing confirmation checkbox is always shown at checkout with the GDPR feature enabled. Before, the confirmation checkbox didn’t show up on the new (light) checkout page in some cases. It works fine now.
  • In Multi-Vendor Ultimate, all the storefronts have SEO-friendly URLs in the sitemap. Another report from our customers: SEO-names were not generated for additional storefronts in Google sitemap. Fixed.
  • In Multi-Vendor Ultimate, a product is only available on the storefront the vendor is assigned to. One more report from our customer: customers could see a product on any storefront by opening it via a direct product URL. We fixed this: now, a product is only available on the storefront the product’s vendor is assigned to.

See all the changes in the changelog.

As always, we limit the upgrade package distribution during a week after the release so as not to overload the servers. If you don’t see the available upgrade in your Upgrade Center, don’t worry—just check for it later.

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