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Introducing CS-Cart 4.7.1 with Order Management and Export-Import Improvements


A new minor update is here! Meet CS-Cart 4.7.1, in which we focused on order management and export/import enhancements. Check the full list of new features and fixes in the changelog. And here are changes for developers.

Most of the new features are based on CS-Cart users’ requests, so thank you guys for your feedback!

Order Management Features

Both creating and editing orders in the admin panel have become easier. Plus, we reworked the Buy in advance function.

Export/Import Improvements

All Available Variations on a Product Page

Product variations are a more advanced model to manage product options than option combinations. More and more CS-Cart customers are switching to variations. So we can clearly see that the future belongs to product variations. Learn what they are and what they’re capable of in the previous article.

In CS-Cart 4.7.1, customers see the list of all product variations on the product page, both in stock and out of stock. This way, they can see what variations are in stock and compare prices. Customers can add variations to the cart right from this list.

Usability Improvements

CS-Cart has become easier and more convenient to use:

The upgrade for all existing CS-Cart users will be available within a week. If you don’t have a CS-Cart store and looking for a shopping cart software, download CS-Cart and try if free for 30 days.

What do you guys think about these new features in CS-Cart 4.7.1? We’ll be happy to read your feedback in the forum.

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