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Introducing CS-Cart 4.7.1 with Order Management and Export-Import Improvements


A new minor update is here! Meet CS-Cart 4.7.1, in which we focused on order management and export/import enhancements. Check the full list of new features and fixes in the changelog. And here are changes for developers.

Most of the new features are based on CS-Cart users’ requests, so thank you guys for your feedback!

Order Management Features

Both creating and editing orders in the admin panel have become easier. Plus, we reworked the Buy in advance function.

    • Order editing is now faster: 1) edit an order without using a mouse—press Tab to switch over the fields; 2) search for a product by its code—you’ll never add a wrong product to your customer’s order; 3) search for a customer by phone number and email—you’ll always pick the right customer even if you have the same names in your list.
    • Order status sorting by drag and drop: Now, an admin can sort order statuses so that their sequence fits the business workflow of the store.
  • Reworked “Buy in advance”: Customer can now buy a product in advance regardless, of the number of items available and the availability date.

Export/Import Improvements

    • The Popularity field. Some CS-Cart users expanded export/import by adding the Popularity field. They use it to quickly sort products in categories. Now, you no longer need to code it—we have added the Popularity field by default.
    • Field names are in your native language. Names of the export/import fields were always in English. Some non-English speakers didn’t understand the meaning of some fields, so field names are now displayed in the language of your admin panel.
    • Quick search for recently updated products. When you import products, hundreds of them are updated. To check or to correct their parameters after import, you had to search for them manually. It wasn’t much fun. But now, there’s a saved product search in the admin panel that you can use to view all the recently imported and updated products.
  • Skip creating new products. If this setting is on, the import will only update the existing products without creating new ones. This setting helps to simplify the import process and reduce errors.

All Available Variations on a Product Page

Product variations are a more advanced model to manage product options than option combinations. More and more CS-Cart customers are switching to variations. So we can clearly see that the future belongs to product variations. Learn what they are and what they’re capable of in the previous article.

In CS-Cart 4.7.1, customers see the list of all product variations on the product page, both in stock and out of stock. This way, they can see what variations are in stock and compare prices. Customers can add variations to the cart right from this list.

Usability Improvements

CS-Cart has become easier and more convenient to use:

    • By default, a required option variant is not selected on the product page: Now, customers can’t add a product to cart if they don’t select the variant of a required option.
    • Banner management is more convenient now: On the Marketing → Banners page, you can search for banners and filter them. You can also set the order of showing banners on the storefront when you add them to the Banners block.
    • Ability to remove the “Free shipping” text from the checkout without consequences: If you don’t need this text on checkout, or you want to change it, go to Administration → Languages → Translations, search for the Free shipping language variable and delete or edit its value. Previously when you deleted this text, a hyphen was displayed instead of it. Now, there’s no hyphen.
    • Right-to-left language fixes: The country code now displays correctly in phone numbers; some symbols, buttons, and tooltips are now OK, too; banner slider is fixed, as well. We’d like to thank our customers for reporting these RTL issues.
    • TinyMCE text editor was updated: We’ve updated the editor and fixed the issue with the payment method settings page freezing in Mozilla Firefox.
    • The Ping++ payment aggregator is in the box now. This is a payment aggregator from China that gathers 14 payment gateways. Check the documentation.
  • For developers: Developers now refresh an add-on settings and language variables by clicking the gear button by the add-on and selecting Refresh from the drop-down list. No need to re-install the add-on anymore.
The upgrade for all existing CS-Cart users will be available within a week. If you don’t have a CS-Cart store and looking for a shopping cart software, download CS-Cart and try if free for 30 days.

What do you guys think about these new features in CS-Cart 4.7.1? We’ll be happy to read your feedback in the forum.

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