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CS-Cart 2.0.12 is released

The new release of CS-Cart includes significant security enhancements, support of the PayPal 3D Secure technology and a new free skin.

Extra security measures were applied to administrator accounts. Now there is a requirement for a periodical password change, and the new password always has to be different from the old one (up to four previous passwords are stored for comparison). More strict requirements for the password complexity were also added (for example, now there is a minimal length for it and a requirement to contain both letters and numbers). This allows store administrators to achieve the maximum protection of back-end access.

CS-Cart now supports the PayPal 3-D Secure protocol that becomes mandatory for the credit card processing via PayPal Website Payments Pro. This protocol adds an extra security layer to online payments and allows to achieve a higher coverage against fraud losses.

We have also added a new skin called “Consultant” and now there are over 40 ready-made layouts to choose from!

The latest version also comes with a number of minor improvements and bug fixes. Please, refer to the changelog to find out the detailed list of changes.

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