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Indo-European Chamber of Commerce and Industry will Launch a Marketplace on CS-Cart to Help Local Farmer Community

IECCI is a non-profit organization from India that helps to develop socio-economic relationships between India and other nations. Because of the COVID-10 pandemic, many local farmers lost an opportunity to trade their products. The organization will build a marketplace on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor to help the farmer community survive the pandemic.

Anuradha Singhai, President of Indo-European Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IECCI):

Established in the year 2002, IECCI is a registered Not-for-Profit, NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that has been working towards facilitating and promoting multilateral relations between India and other nations.

We operate with dual objectives in mind:

1. Socio-economic development of the Indian community with a fervent focus on the Less Developed Regions (LDRs) of the country.

2. Promoting economic growth by fostering & facilitating business relations between India and many other nations.

By creating a marketplace, we will help our farmer community, the artist community, and students.

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