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Improvements to CS-Cart Multi-Vendor in April and May 2020 and Our Plans


We’ve prepared a video about our improvements to Multi-Vendor in April and May 2020.

Even though it’s tailored for Multi-Vendor, there is something that CS-Cart users may be interested in. Mainly, 8:16 (uploading files) and 14:12 (improving the admin panel).

General improvements

0:44 — collecting money from vendors and managing debtors
6:25 — the ability for vendors to create features for product variations
8:16 — the ability for vendors and customers to upload documents (the “File” type for profile fields)
9:17 — a single place for vendors to see all the comments and reviews
9:52 — different payment methods for different countries on a single storefront in Multi-Vendor Ultimate
11:31 — a few smaller improvements

Simplifying the interface

14:12 — the general idea
14:33 — example 1: products and options
15:07 — example 2: products and features
15:23 — example 3: products and variations
15:56 — example 4: vendors and their plans
16:45 — other interface improvements (vendor approval and moderation; feature groups)

Plans for the future

18:33 — Multi-Vendor Ultimate: different settings for different storefronts
18:44 — Mobile App: support of product variations and direct customer-to-vendor payments
19:07 — other plans: PayPal Commerce Platform for marketplaces; easier onboarding for vendors

Head of Content Marketing at CS-Cart | Website

Yan Anderson is the Head of Content Marketing at CS-Cart with over 10 years of experience in the eCommerce industry. He's passionate about explaining complicated things in simple terms. Yan has expertise in building, running and growing eCommerce marketplaces. He loves to educate people about best practices, new technologies, and trends in the global eCommerce industry.