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How to Start an Ecommerce Business Less Than $100

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Nowadays, all people throughout the globe benefit from the Internet in different ways. While some use it mainly for educational purposes, some consider it a great opportunity for entertainment, others take an advantage of it to make a living. When it comes to raising funds, all of those owning computers connected to the Internet can start an e-commerce business with ease. No matter whether you are a student or a fresh graduate, you have all chances to succeed in an online environment.

Starting an ecommerce business doesn’t require any work experience, programming knowledge, and a degree diploma. Moreover, you can run it from anywhere meaning that you can travel whenever this idea crosses your mind. You are your own boss so no one will tell you how you should organize your routine. This is a perfect choice for students who always struggle with a lack of time and might have questions about how to start a ecommerce business.

What you will like most is that you need little or no funds to start this kind of business. On the Web, there are countless possibilities to make a fortune without investing a penny. Below, there are some top-rated online solutions requiring no investments at all.

So, how to start an ecommerce business? Let’s find out.

Drop Shipping

One of the many ideas of how to earn on the Web is to start a drop shipping business, which is all about selling goods and delivering them to your customers without the need of keeping them in stock. In fact, your aim is to sell products offered by a third-party organization, and then the latter will do everything else for you.

All you have to do is:

  • to select a platform where you will sell goods;
  • select list the products;
  • add detailed information about each item;
  • and wait until someone buys something.

Only then you make a purchase from your drop shipper, who sells you products at a lower price. In light of this, the third party delivers your purchase to your customer. That’s it.

To succeed, you will have to establish contacts with a reputable partner; otherwise, you have all chances to end up with unsatisfied buyers who will blame you for delay of delivery or poor quality of items.

Drop shipping is an affective way to deliver products if you want to start an ecommerce business.


If you are fond of writing, then blogging may be your cup of tea. This is how you can combine business and leisure. Even if you are not good at writing academic essays in college and always obtain professional writing services from Pro-Papers, it is the time to unveil your hidden talent.

The main idea behind blogging is to identify your passion and start writing about it regularly. This can be:

  • traveling;
  • beauty;
  • fashion;
  • cooking, etc.

There are no teachers giving assignments. It is up to you what to write about. There are many free services for bloggers where you can post your materials, it is of great importance to avoid plagiarism.

Blogging is not limited to writing, you can post your pictures, videos, etc. Everything you like may be interesting for other people as well. However, to succeed in this business, your content should be not only interesting but also unique; therefore, it is of a great importance to avoid plagiarism.
There are several ways you can raise money. If you use Google AdSense, then you will earn some funds every time someone clicks on the ads related to your subject. It is to your interest to create a high-quality content for your blog, where you will place the specific code received from Google. There are also banner ads from Blogads, which work quite similarly to the Google ones.

You can also use your blog for promoting various goods and services as an affiliate. And every time someone buys the item you advertise with your content, you get a commission. For example, you can do some useful reviews and include affiliate links in the content. This is how you can advertise products and provide your readers with the links to follow so that they can make a purchase if they get interested.

No matter what option you turn to, what really matters is your content. If it is boring and of no use, then you are likely to lose your readers. It is great if you are able to provide at least three posts a week, then your readers will keep coming back for sure. There is nothing difficult about starting a blog, but making it profitable requires much hard work and, of course, time.

Online Videos

It is hard to find a single person who has never watched YouTube videos. Adults, teenagers, and even pre-schoolers have already found something interesting for themselves on YouTube. This website is packed with millions of videos to suit any taste, and this number is increasing day by day.

Creating videos and uploading them on YouTube is a good way of raising money. There are many of those who have already made a fortune in this area. So, why not to try your hand in making videos?

There are two proven strategies to take advantage of.

  • First of all, you have to create interesting video content to attract as many viewers as possible. Then you will have to enable monetization, which will allow Google to include their ads with your videos. You probably know how it works if you have ever watched YouTube videos. Every time a viewer clicks an ad, you get your monetary reward.
  • Another way to earn a crust with this platform is through paid sponsorships. Get many followers and various organizations will be glad to ask you to promote their offers on your channel. And, of course, they will pay you handsomely for this.

So now you should know how to start an ecommerce business. In conclusion, to start a business on the Web, there is no need to enroll in college to earn an MBA degree. What you should really do is to keep a check on trends, learn bestseller lists on popular selling platforms, and stay informed about what modern people are interested in and what they discuss on the Web.

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