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How to Fix Admin Panel Issues in Google Chrome 83 on Old CS-Cart Versions?

Google Chrome 83 was released in May 2020. In that browser version, many things from the CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor admin panel stopped working. Things such as:

  • installation and upgrades;
  • creating backups and restoring from them;
  • export, import, and so on.

Everything that had a progress bar didn’t work—the bar wouldn’t fill at all. The same problem could potentially appear in newer versions of Microsoft Edge.

To solve critical problems like that, we usually release versions marked as SP (Service Pack). They contain a minimum amount of changes, and are designed for a quick and easy upgrade from a previous version.

CS-Cart 4.11.4 SP2 no longer has the problem. However, it still affects a lot of earlier versions: 2.x.x, 3.x.x, and 4.x.x. It’s not always possible to fix such problems in earlier versions, but this time we can offer a solution.

How to fix the problem without upgrading to 4.11.4 SP2:

1. In your installation, find the following file: js/tygh/ajax.js (in versions 4.x.x) or js/ajax.js (in versions 2.x.x – 3.x.x).

2. Before you make any changes, copy the file somewhere, just in case. That way, you’ll be able to cancel your changes if something goes wrong.

3. Replace every instance of:

<iframe name="upload_iframe" src="javascript: false;" class="hidden"></iframe>


<iframe name="upload_iframe" src="about:blank" class="hidden"></iframe>

4. Save the changed file.

After that, all functionality with the progress bar should work properly in Google Chrome 83.

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