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How to Design a Perfect Checkout Page for Your CS-Cart Store or Marketplace

How to Design a Perfect Checkout Page for Your CS-Cart Store or Marketplace - CS-Cart Blog


CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.10.1 got a new checkout page. Customers now place orders quicker and admins customize the checkout page very flexibly through the standard CS-Cart layout editor.

In supermarkets, customers usually choose the checkout point with the shortest queue. You do the same for sure. In online stores, the situation is the same: 27% of customers drop their carts because of the complicated and long checkout procedure.

Now in CS-Cart based stores and marketplaces, you stop losing customers at checkout thanks to a simpler checkout page. The checkout process is not divided into steps now—customers fill in the fields in no particular order and choose payment and shipping methods by clicking big tiles:

Good news for admins, too: you can add, edit, delete, and rearrange checkout page content very flexibly through the layout editor or right on the storefront:

Such flexibility gives you plenty of room for experiments with the checkout page. You will be able to build a perfect and maximum effective checkout for your store or marketplace.

Add, edit, and delete fields to the checkout page via blocks as well. For example, you can add additional customer info fields to the Address block:

All the fields are available in Administration → Profile fields. There, you can create custom fields, the date of birth fields for example, and add it to the block through the layout editor.

Other new features in 4.10.1 are described in the release post. Read a separate article about the final version of the Product variations function.

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