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How to Boost Conversions in a Few Simple Steps


Josh Wardini, Community Manager at Webmastersjury

The online retail market is a crowded place, and it is getting harder and harder for businesses to stand out and get people to come to their website, let alone turn those visitors into conversions. Conversions are essentially the ultimate goal of online businesses, therefore brands need to seriously consider the best practices when it comes to conversion rate optimisation.

There are a huge number of ways that website visitors can be turned into conversions, many of which can be applied quickly and efficiently. For example, simply placing your logo in the right place on your landing page can sometimes be crucial for conversions.

Another element that business owners should be taking into consideration is the navigability of their site. The homepage should be kept simple so that people know exactly where it is that they need to go, and the overall navigation should be user friendly.

It should be effective, and yet simple enough for the customer to get to where they need to go in just a few clicks. If a new customer lands on a busy home page, she is not going to waste time trying to work out where she needs to go to make a purchase, she’ll simply go elsewhere.

It is paramount that you have a simple, clean design in mind before choosing website building platform. The idea should guide your choice, not the reviews you might end up reading. Knowing what you want to get is essential in actually achieving it.

The ease of the checkout process can also have a big impact on conversion. It is an online retailer’s worst nightmare to have the shopping cart abandoned, but, unfortunately, it happens increasingly frequently.

For example, letting customers check out as guests can often help to increase sales, as customers don’t have to go through the lengthy registration process. ASOS store recently created a guest function and saw an increased conversion rate of 50%!

Another option that businesses could consider is using CS-Cart, a very powerful ecommerce platform offering businesses a great combination of user friendliness, scalability, affordable pricing, and extensive functionality.

The CS-Cart also offers cross selling tools such as best sellers and on-sale products, which can help encourage a customer to make a purchase and boost a business’ overall sales. It also comes with a whole host of other tools and benefits, but one thing is for sure, it can be a one stop shop for increasing conversions.

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Head of Content Marketing at CS-Cart | Website

Yan Anderson is the Head of Content Marketing at CS-Cart with over 10 years of experience in the eCommerce industry. He's passionate about explaining complicated things in simple terms. Yan has expertise in building, running and growing eCommerce marketplaces. He loves to educate people about best practices, new technologies, and trends in the global eCommerce industry.