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How Chatbots are Shaping the Ecommerce Industry

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Chatbot is a subset of artificial intelligence that can conduct conversations. Chatbots are also called by many different names like talkbots, interactive agents, artificial conversational entity, IM bots, and chatterbots among others. Chatbots have been causing a stir in the ecommerce industry as more and ecommerce sites integrate chatbots into their systems.

So, what’s causing the commotion? What can chatbots really do for e-commerce businesses? Are chatbots really that good? Should chatbots be integrated on my ecommerce site? Let’s try to have all these questions answered.

The Rise of Chatbots in Ecommerce

In the realms of ecommerce, chatbots are used to help provide shopping suggestions to your site’s visitors, as well as to answer simple questions that do not need human rationalization.

Chatbots are so helpful that even Amazon has its own chatbot named Alexa, which is not just a gimmick to join in on the hype, but a great tool that provides highly-personalized shopping experience to the e-shopping giant’s customers.

Here are specific ways on how chatbots are shaping the ecommerce industry:

Chatbots: Reshaping the E-commerce Industry

Chatbots truly are effective implementation of artificial intelligence to a business-like e-commerce. When done right, chatbots are some of the best tools you can have on your arsenal. So, try to make use of chatbots now and watch it help reshape the way your e-commerce business rolls.

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