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How Can Custom Packaging Increase Your E-Commerce Sales?

Angeline Licerio Angeline Licerio is a Content and Outreach Manager for Pakfactory, one of the leading e-commerce custom box packaging company that provides end to end solutions for small to large companies.

Did you know that your product’s packaging can be leveraged to help increase your sales?

Whether you’re selling your products in a physical store or you’re selling them through an e-commerce store that you established using CS-Cart, your label and packaging design plays a critical role in building brand awareness and identity and thus affects your overall sales and how much of those customers keep coming back.

The packaging design is actually one of the factors that can potentially make or break a product sale or customer relationship. Why? Because of the experience.

When the unboxing experience is designed to create optimal engagement and value for customers, the chance of the customer coming back is also very likely. According to Shorr Packaging Corp, 51% of shoppers say custom packaging makes the product itself more valuable.

The competition for similar products have become fiercer over the last decade and one of the best ways to create competitive advantage is through custom brand packaging.

Birchbox, Loot Crate and Trunk Club are among the successful subscription box companies that have utilized custom packaging to elevate their brand and sales.

How do you get started? Here are three simple guidelines by PakFactory to consider when starting your custom packaging for your e-commerce products.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

First and foremost, ask yourself, who is my target audience? And what are my goals for them? You will need to have a solid basis on who your buyer persona is and what do they require in order to engage with your packaging value.

You can have the most striking designs and the most clever packaging idea but if you have no sense of who you are customizing that packaging for and why, your efforts will pretty much become useless.

Once you have your planning and your strategy in place, the design stage will become a lot easier.

You will also need to consider your budget, your overall brand & messaging and how you’ll fit these into succeeding with your plans.

Study What Your Competitors Are Doing, And Do Better!

Especially if your product isn’t new in the market, your packaging is going to be one of the things that would differentiate it from the others. So make sure that you benchmark all your strongest competitors.

Don’t try to imitate them. Instead, improve what they have done well and apply that to create a better packaging experience. Remember, you’ll need demonstrate your brand’s value in the best way that your competitor hasn’t yet.

It might not necessarily be the best in design but the best in how they experience your packaging and how that translates to the value of your product. This can be through brand messaging or storytelling incorporated into your packaging experience.

Being a Little Bit More Creative Goes a Long Way!

Naturally, if you want your product to stand out, you’d have to make it unique. For your customers to remember your brand and see the value of your product, you would have to package it in a way that is creative.

By making your packaging design truly worth remembering, it’ll be easier for your customers to locate them amongst your competition and become loyal. Once you’ve succeeded with a packaging design that achieves all that, stick to it and let the magic do the rest.

Focusing on customizing your packaging can kill four birds with one stone. It doesn’t only help increase your sales but it can also help you protect and enhance your product, differentiate your brand, establish your brand identity and continue to build customer relationship.

In CS-Cart, you can add custom packaging to a product as an option to increase the average bill. Do it via the Option combinations feature.

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