How Can AI Facilitate in Sales Ecommerce Industry

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Thanks to the tornado of technological advances taking place across the world, there is hardly any individual or organization that is not acquainted with the term AI and this is only if you haven’t been under the ground from past few years. Pun intended!

AI has made inroads in every nook and corner of global trades. Security systems at airports, cash payment system in mobile phones, Google’s predictions related to weather and visual searches in online shopping are just some of the examples of how AI is LITERALLY driving our lives.

Talking about online shopping, it has been with us for more than two decades now and is ever-flourishing, reason enough for the increasing heat of competition among online firms.

With a focus towards retaining clients, online shopping portals are embracing AI to provide seamless shopping experience to their customers. And how can they leverage AI to satisfy their obsession with customer satisfaction? Let’s take a look.

    • Customer-focused search. Irrelevant search result is one of the major reasons why customers ditch the current e-commerce website and move to the next one, in hope of desired product results. How to deal with it? Embedding AI in your website is the best solution. Did you know how Pinterest revived its search system? It recently updated its chrome extension, just so users can select a product online and ask Pinterest to show similar items through its image recognition software. Incorporating AI in your system will enable you to provide users with the information they are searching for, by understanding their intent and search graph.
    • Forecast sales. Leveraging machine learning, AI helps in analysing and interpreting humongous amount of data related to customer preference, pages viewed by them the most, past searches, etc. This data is a treasure as AI uses it judiciously to know the buying or search patterns and on the basis of this understanding, it helps you make valuable predictions about the requirements of customers and what are they most likely to buy. Take the example of Netflix. It admits that it knows what its customers want to see, even before they themselves know it—just by using an algorithm created by it.
    • Quality services at reduced costs. Providing services to customers manually is passe. It’s time you switch to AI to automate your services to provide better experience at less cost. For example, Chatbots. You can use them to solve customer queries, reduce response time and provide them with the right information instantly. Create and continue meaningful, engaging conversations with your customers, enlarge your client base and at the same time save your precious time by implementing the automatic-response system in chat support software.
  • Better suggestions. It’s clear that using AI, you can analyse the large amount of data generated every single day. Use this data to understand customer behavior and come up with purchase recommendations. AI is crucial if you strive to infuse personalization in your services to customers. One significant example of this is of Starbucks. It recently rolled out AI-backed, ‘My Starbucks Barista’—a conversational ordering system for those using its mobile app.

Every single day is an opportunity for AI, as it captures petabytes of data generated to interpret it and draw conclusions and analysis that can help you devise impactful strategies and take vital decisions for your e-tailing business.

If you are looking to start your own e-commerce firm but are apprehensive as to whether it will work or not, make sure that you implement AI. Next, you can also try using CS-Cart—a feature-rich platform that can help you grow your online baby into an established business.

The marriage of Artificial Intelligence and human intelligence is bound to cast a magic spell that will completely transform the e-commerce industry in the years to come.

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