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Greet for Cause Foundation in Pakistan Launches a Marketplace on CS-Cart to Revive Micro-Economic Activities in the Region

CS-Cart cooperated with Greet for Cause Foundation to build a marketplace to revive the micro-economic activities and save people from falling into a poverty trap because of the COVID-19 pandemic. To support the good cause, we issued the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor license to Greet for Cause for free.

A handicrafter in the Thar Desert

Foad Shams, the foundation representative:

We are Greet for Cause Foundation, working in the most remote desert area between Pakistan and India. The desert is named the Thar Desert. We provide the local community with a sustainable model to work and sell their handicrafts directly to the buyer, to raise funds for their communities. We also provide COVID-19 emergency related service providers with an opportunity to provide their PPEs and other products directly to the users.

It would help us all a great deal if we have a single platform to consolidate all these services and service providers in Pakistan.

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