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Gifts from Japan


Our partner from Japan, Tomotaka Nakayasu, has published the full CS-Cart Manual.

The manual is on Japanese, so CS-Cart users from Japan will understand CS-Cart and learn how to configure it easily.

To celebrate the Manual release, Mr. Nakayasu sent gifts to us. On August 21, we got the package with awesome stuff from Japan.

In the package we found CS-Cart kimono, and it made our day! Everyone wanted to try it on and take a picture. Maken was the lucky one:

Also, the package contained CS-Cart stickers with a lovely clean look. Now, most of laptops and personal computers in our office have CS-Cart logos on them:

We’d like to thank Tomotaka Nakayasu and his company, Frogman Office, for the lovely gifts!

We hope that this CS-Cart Manual will do much good for CS-Cart store owners from Japan.

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