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Generate More Sales with Yotpo’s Social Reviews


There is nothing better to drive up sales and increase brand loyalty than word of mouth advertising. Online retailers need a quick and easy way to generate likes, shares and user-generated content related to their products, so they can take full advantage of the massive social networks we all spends hours on each day.

Yotpo is a free plug-and-play social reviews solution for CS-Cart and many other e-commerce platforms that takes full advantage of our social nature online to help online stores generate more traffic and sales. Yotpo generates more reviews than any other product reviews service and integrates social at its core.

After a quick registration process and adding Yotpo as an add-on to your store (full installation details can be found here) you are ready to start customizing the widget to fit your store, activating the mail-after-purchase feature and pushing user-generated content to Facebook and Twitter.

Yotpo turns your customers into marketers

Yotpo helps stores gain more social traffic and therefore more sales by prompting customers who write reviews to share their reviews on their social networks. Traffic which comes from these shares converts at a higher rate because there is already context between the new visitor and the product.

Yotpo’s social sharing feature allows you to connect your Facebook page and/or Twitter account to your Yotpo account. Once your social accounts are connected, Yotpo allows you to send reviews to your social networks.

Provide your visitors with validated reviews from past customers

Yotpo’s mail-after-purchase feature sends emails to each of your customers after a set number of days (you set the number) asking them to write a review of the product they purchased. Reviews which are generated through the mail-after-purchase feature have the highest level of validation (post-purchase) and this automated process of generating reviews for your store provides the best value to your visitors.

Yotpo is bringing out new features all the time as it strives to become the e-commerce standard for product reviews. For more information on Yotpo, visit our website and don’t forget to check out our blog for more tips, tactics and methods to generate more sales from social reviews and user-generated content.

About the Author:

Justin Butlion is the Content and Social Marketing Manager of Yotpo. Justin loves to blog about e-commerce, online marketing, web development, and entrepreneurship. Check out his latest posts in the Yotpo blog or contact him directly at

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