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Five Ways to Use Visual Content in Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

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E-commerce business owners have a thousand things on their mind. What should you sell? Do you use ecommerce software like CS-Cart or do you create something from scratch? How should you market your product?

As an e-commerce marketer, there are numerous opportunities through which you can engage your target audience. However, many of these come with significant investments in terms of money. A topnotch e-commerce marketing strategy by leveraging content can help increase your conversions and boost exposure without causing a dent in your bank account.

Your goal is pretty straightforward: drawing people to your ecommerce site so they end up buying something. Posting engaging content is the best way to do that and do you know what the best form of content marketing is? That’s right: visual content.

Did you know posts that involve images produce 650 percent higher engagement than posts that just involve text? Not just that, but eMarketer reports that Facebook posts from brands that included images yielded 87 percent of total engagements.

Its effectiveness is exactly why visual content needs to be prioritized for your ecommerce marketing strategy. So, here are four ways you can do that.


Infographics are extremely underrated—they can actually increase web traffic by 12 percent. They’re a great way to grab the attention of your readers and summarizes information when people don’t have the time to read the entire post. Not only that, but they’re extremely easy to understand and remember, too.

To get the most out of infographics, it is vital to invest in design time and choose the right images. The information you’re trying to convey needs to flow seamlessly and that’s why the design element needs to be error-free.

You can, also, use an infographic based on an old blog post or video. Repurposing existing content is a great way to ensure your content creation is maximized.

Unboxing Videos

Of the infinite ways, you can use video marketing to your advantage, one of the ways that require the least effort is unboxing videos. They’re pretty self-explanatory: all you need to do is show the product being unboxed. So, what’s so exciting about that?

It’s simple, it taps into human nature and creates a feeling of anticipation for your viewers, encouraging them to buy your product so they can have the same experience.

Product Videos

This way is pretty straightforward where you need to highlight your product and explain its features in depth. If you’re looking for an example, no brand does this better than Apple.

Product videos are definitely worth the investment since 58 percent of shoppers think companies that post product videos are trustworthy and 71 percent of consumers think such videos explain the product better.

User-generated Content

One of the best ways to enhance customer experience is with visual content that actually gets customers involved. Today, social media plays a huge role to engage consumers and people are more likely to be loyal if a brand gives them the spotlight.

A lot of brands create content by reposting images shared by customers on their social media profiles of websites. While these images obviously aren’t captured professionally, their authentic nature will have a great impact on your customers. User-generated content not only gives you more content to post, but it also makes your brand more relatable by highlighting that customers trust you.


Perhaps the best part about Slideshare is that the platform is used by people who want authoritative resources on a particular topic. By converting your text into slides, you can make your content more available to your target audience and position yourself as a valuable resource in your industry.

While there are many innovative ways to create a unique e-commerce platform, one thing’s for sure: visual content is crucial. It allows you to create meaningful interactions with your customers and attract them in creative ways, creating the best possible customer experience.

Have you tried any of these ways for your e-commerce business? Or do you have any suggestions of your own? Sound off in the comments below!

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