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Fend.World, Anti-Consumerism Organization from the U.S., Starts a Consumer-Friendly Marketplace on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Fend.World is an environmental non-profit organization from Livingston, USA, that protects the environment against the negative impacts of disposable consumerism.

They’re starting an online marketplace that will be reliable, easy to use, and what’s most important—consumer-friendly. We supported the organization by giving them the license of our marketplace platform CS-Cart Multi-Vendor for free.

Wyatt Raich, the co-founder of Fend.World:

Fend.World focuses on combatting the environmental effects of consumerism. We plan on using the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor platform as our main source of fundraising so we can grow quickly and not solely rely on individual donations. In addition, using CS-Cart will allow us to raise money while furthering our mission—to protect the environment against the negative impacts of disposable consumerism.

Using CS-Cart will allow us to create a peer-to-peer platform that promotes the purchase and sale of second-hand goods. We plan on using low brokerage fees from these transactions in the form of donations to educate consumers on the devastating effects that fast fashion has on the environment. Eventually, we hope to raise enough money to be able to research green technologies to help clean up and preserve the Earth.

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