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Export and Import Extended

In CS-Cart 4.3.1, we’ve introduced a long-awaited feature: full export and import of option variants, combinations, and exceptions.

This feature is useful for stock accounting. For example, you sell a t-shirt model that comes in different colors and sizes. You need to track the exact number of blue t-shirts of size M at your warehouse. These t-shirts have a combination of two option variants: blue color and M size.

You can now export products with option variants and combinations in Administration → Export Data → Products:

CS-Cart exports data into CSV format, which any stock accounting software supports. Import the CSV file into your stock accounting software. You can now track the actual number of blue, medium t-shirts at your warehouse.

This feature simplifies catalogue updating. Imagine that you’ve received 3,000 products from your supplier. You’ve also received a CSV file with option variants, number of products, and descriptions. Without the new export and import feature, you’d have to add option variants, combinations, and modifiers manually. The new functionality does it automatically and saves you time.

P.S.: During export and import of product data, CS-Cart exports and imports these fields:

  • Options
  • Option variants
  • Option combinations
  • Option exceptions
  • Price and weight modifiers
  • Images and captions

We’d like to know what you think about the new export and import functionality. Does it simplify your store management?

You are welcome to share improvement suggestions on our UserVoice.

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