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Easy migration to CS-Cart

We at CS-Cart understand that transferring data from existing shopping carts is often the only obstacle for some prospective users of our software. We help them with migrating data to CS-Cart as a part of our custom development service and it is useful when a source database is huge or its structure is deeply modified.

Cart2CartIf it is required to transfer only major entities, it is faster and cheaper to use online shopping cart migration service. One of the most popular is Cart2Cart. This service allows a user to migrate his categories (and their images), products (with attributes and images), customers, orders, currencies and manufacturers from one shopping cart to CS-Cart automatically.

Cart2Cart currently supports data migration to CS-Cart from 31 most widespread shopping carts and provides their clients with numerous benefits:

  • A secure and accurate migration process – all data is transferred via secure SSL connection.
  • Cart2Cart migrates all the data automatically. It can save weeks of tedious work and allows a user to have his store up and running within a few hours.
  • All migrations are performed on Amazon EC2 service with no delays and data losses.
  • The process is quite simple and does not take much time. A step-by-step wizard allows to set up migration even for non-technically skilled people.

With Cart2Cart moving to CS-Cart is a matter of few hours now. To check how it works you can perform a free demo migration and migrate 10 customers and products to your CS-Cart store.

We have negotiated a special discount on the service for everyone who wants to take the last step in moving to CS-Cart. Use cs-f1rwx7m69 discount code to receive 20% off your order!

For more detailed information about the Cart2Cart service please visit or contact Cart2Cart team.