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Earn with the CS-Cart Reseller Program

With the CS-Cart Reseller Program, web design companies and freelancers benefit from selling CS-Cart licenses and developing CS-Cart stores for their clients.

Earning with the CS-Cart Reseller Program is easy. You buy CS-Cart licenses in bulks: the bigger the bulk, the higher the discount. Then, you resell the licenses to your customers at a higher price, making a profit.

What Our Resellers Say about CS-Cart

Resellers from different countries optimize CS-Cart for their regions. Here’s what our biggest resellers from Greece and Japan say about CS-Cart and its regional customization capabilities.

Fotis Kourmadas from Dvs eCommerce Experts :

As I entered the eCommerce world almost 11 years ago, there was immediately a need for a CMS software amongst my clients. One such software was CS-Cart in the early version 1.3.4, which I instantly loved for its diversity, the rich choice of built-in add-ons, and the ease of use for my clients and easy code editing for me.

In CS-Cart, regional customization is very easy and it’s one of the most automatic tasks for us when we set up a new store. All you need is to set up states per country and then you can set up tax and shipping per region. Language is also one of the biggest advantages, as CS-Cart has 35+ languages ready to be used with just one click.

One of the most important things one can get from the CS-Cart Reseller Program is the reputation. People look for companies that are suggested by CS-Cart itself.

Tomotaka Nakayasu from Frogman Office :

In 2010, I was looking for an EC package for the Japan market and tested more than 60 packages. CS-Cart was the best for its flexibility and well-designed architecture.

Regional customization of CS-Cart is manageable. I translated almost all language variables into Japanese, added Japanese payment processors, carriers, and the ability to send non-HTML emails, which can be edited from the admin panel. I modified and added hundreds of files to normal CS-Cart.

The CS-Cart Reseller Program gives me an opportunity to sell CS-Cart in Japan.

How to Become a CS-Cart Reseller

Submit a request to become an authorized CS-Cart reseller. We’ll reply to you within one working day.

After we approve your request, you will be able to purchase five CS-Cart licenses for $1,150. This first bulk purchase of licenses saves you $775.

Visit our website for detailed information about the benefits and conditions of the Reseller Program.

CS-Cart has authorized resellers in 33 countries. Join the Reseller Program to become a part of the big CS-Cart family!

We’ll be happy to answer your questions in the comments. Also, our partner relationship manager, Alexander, will be glad to answer your questions about CS-Cart Reseller Program.

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