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E-commerce Design Trends in 2022

Alexandra North Alexandra North is the Content Editor at, a comparison and review platform for webhosting.

Each year, eCommerce claims a larger percentage of worldwide retail transactions. By some projections, that percentage will be as high as 17% by 2022. But in such a competitive online market where dozens of other similar businesses are competing for consumer attention, how is an eCommerce business supposed to distinguish themselves? Alongside thoughtful, customer-focused additions like custom packaging and instant checkout, standing out in the world of eCommerce can often come down to the effectiveness of your site’s design.

Excellent design is one of the most effective ways to set your eCommerce business apart. Not only because visuals are an integral part of appealing to the human desire to shop, but because great design works to replicate the tactile and customer-focused aspects of the brick and mortar shopping experience that are too often missing in online retail.

Several eCommerce design trends in 2022 are rising to popularity because of their informative capacity. Since they can’t physically see or handle the product, online shoppers rely on eCommerce sites to convey detailed information about the product before they buy. Design trends like integrated video give customers a sense of characteristics like consistency and movement, aspects that don’t always translate well to photos. We’re also seeing a rise in eCommerce sites that make use of intersecting design elements for step-by-step guides or in-depth product specs. User-friendly elements like scrolling product photos and product landing pages can help ensure they see as much of your product as possible in a streamlined and pleasant way. All of these trends can all contribute to the customer’s confidence that they are making an informed purchase.

Another powerful aspect of great design is the reintroduction of discovery to online shopping. When shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, customers may end up finding products by chance while browsing. Due to search engine-aided shopping and the ability to instantly compare products from infinite retailers, shopping online can sometimes be more of a focused hunt than a no-pressure browsing experience. While there is no denying that on-page SEO is crucial, there is something to be said for selling people things they didn’t even know they wanted. Stunning product photos and creative category pages can bring the fun of browsing back to the retail experience.

Are you planning to redesign your CS-Cart shop? Check out the following infographic from WhatsTheHost to explore some of the latest trends in eCommerce design:

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