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Design Your Ecommerce Site For Success: 72 SEO Stats for 2022



Josh Wardini, Community Manager at Webmastersjury

Ecommerce is a competitive game. Everyone is trying to one-up the next person in an effort to grab the somewhat fickle attention of visitors. There is little to no room for error here—if your store doesn’t make the grade, visitors have tons of alternatives.

What do you as a business do to stand out? How do you maximise the amount of traffic to your site? You can start by having a look at the SEO tips and statistics in the infographic below, but do you know what the most important rule of SEO is?

Drumroll please, it is the design of your site. According to expert SEO agencies, design is one area where a lot of mistakes are made.

People are so busy trying to incorporate the right keywords or rattling off their blog posts that they forget about one simple element—the site itself. That is the biggest mistake you could make.

Rather, focus first on getting the site design down perfectly. Do an audit of your site and see how it measures up to the following:

    • Clean and well organized: Any content on your site should be spaced properly and organized using subheadings. Keep the site as simple as possible. Don’t put in huge blocks of text, break them down, and make them scannable.
    • Easy to navigate: People should be able to find pages easily and click through to where they want to go. Making your page easy to navigate will inevitably improve your bounce rate, Harsha reddy from claim is one of the most vital ranking factors. Make this possible by including a navigation tab listing each page of the site on every single page.
    • A great payment solution: If you have an ecommerce store, you need a payment solution that works flawlessly, or else you are running the risk of people abandoning their carts. A solution like CS-Cart makes it easy to integrate payments into any type of ecommerce site.

When looking at design elements for your site, think utility over everything else. Make sure that the site works flawlessly and that you have the best payment solution. The more time you spend on getting this right, the more success you will have.

Start with the goal of making it as easy as possible for the client to part with her money. Make the site easy to navigate and simple to help improve your SEO overall.

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