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New QA Program for Custom Development Projects

We are proud to announce that our Custom Development team has adopted new quality assurance procedures for the projects created for our clients. Now all modifications undergo double testing prior to delivery to the customer.

At the first stage, the developers carry out automated and manual testing throughout the development process, and a dedicated group of experienced QA specialists systematically monitors and evaluates various aspects of the project. Afterwards, the QA group checks the quality of the final modification.

These new procedures helped us raise the quality of the service and modifications. For example, the number of reported bugs has reduced by approximately 50% over the previous six months.

About CS-Cart Custom Development Service

This is the most popular service related to CS-Cart shopping cart software. Within the service, we deliver high-quality tailored solutions that meet unique requirements of our clients. These include new business-specific features and functionalities, integration with third-party systems and services, etc. Please find a more detailed description of the service on the CS-Cart website at