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CS-Cart Technical Support Is Now Available by Subscription


When you buy a CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor license you get a limited period of free technical support. Usually, you get from 30 days up to 1 year of free support depending on the type of your software license.

Once the free support period expires, you need you to buy support credits to spend them on technical support. Credits work like our internal currency.

There’s a problem with support credits—sometimes customers don’t know how many credits they will be charged for resolving the issue, performing an upgrade, or making a minor code modification before they contact our support team. Another inconvenience is that a customer has to control his or her credit balance.

To eliminate those inconveniences, we’re introducing a monthly subscription for full-fledged customer care service. Credits are still available but the subscription is now recommended and an optimal solution.

There are two customer care subscription plans—standard and VIP:

Nail, the CS-Cart Support Team Lead, shares the details about the subscription:

— Nail, why you decided to introduce the subscription for support? What about support credits?

We’ve introduced the subscription plans to make technical support more convenient for customers. Support credits are still available and we won’t remove them in the near future.

— What pros does the subscription have compared to credits?

With a subscription, a customer doesn’t need to care about support credit balance—they can use tech support all the time while the subscription is active. Within the VIP subscription plan, we also guarantee a faster response and consultation via the chat that is built into the administration panel.

— How does the subscription help to solve customer problems more effectively?

Customers don’t need to care about the balance now. They don’t need to refill it with credits before they contact us for assistance. This greatly saves the customers’ time and speeds up the support workflow.

— What’s included in the subscription?

Same as before: we consult customers about CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor functionality, help with determining the issues, make minor modifications (for example, edits in CSS, minor edits in the template code and the core), and upgrade the store. We don’t examine issues caused by third-party code and don’t make major modifications. The number of customer requests is unlimited.

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