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CS-Cart started course for developers


Many asked—we did. We launched a free course on how to develop for CS-Cart. This is not a super basic course. It’s more for people who are familiar with PHP and JavaScript.

On this course, you will learn the CS-Cart’s architecture and the platform’s ins, and outs and get necessary knowledge to develop add-ons and modifications for CS-Cart. The course’s concept reflects our core idea—Start Fast, Scale Vast.

In a week, you will learn:

  • To install CS-Cart
  • To work with a database
  • To use PHP hooks
  • To create SMARTY templates for CS-Cart and work with TPL hooks in the templates
  • To develop add-ons for CS-Cart

This knowledge will allow you to start with your development fast and deepen this knowledge to develop complex solutions for one of the leading eCommerce and marketplace platforms in the world.

What you need to start learning. You need to know basic PHP, JavaScript, and SMARTY.

How the education goes. The course contains several modules with theory and one module for self-education. After each lesson, you have a test. Upon its completion, you will get access to the next lesson. In the end of the course, you will have the final test to check your knowledge.

What you get after this course. Besides skill to develop for one of the most popular eCommerce software in the market, you will get a certificate and enter the list of certified CS-Cart developers.

You are welcome to ask any questions the course mentor Vitaly Stepanov.

Head of Content Marketing at CS-Cart | Website

Yan Anderson is the Head of Content Marketing at CS-Cart with over 10 years of experience in the eCommerce industry. He's passionate about explaining complicated things in simple terms. Yan has expertise in building, running and growing eCommerce marketplaces. He loves to educate people about best practices, new technologies, and trends in the global eCommerce industry.