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CS-Cart Multi-Vendor was Featured on!

“Behind a mantra of constantly developing and never settling, CS-Cart helps online retailers explore the difference between running a web-based boutique or running an entire marketplace with its smart and easy-to-use Multi-Vendor eCommerce software.”

Laura Bernheim —


Lately, we’ve started to discover more and more reviews and mentions of our eCommerce marketplace builder CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. And most of them are positive. We’d like to thank the authors and bloggers who are interested in our software and writing reviews on it.

One of the best pieces we’ve come across recently is the Multi-Vendor review by Laura Bernheim from Laura kindly introduced the CS-Cart team to the readers and shared her opinion about our marketplace software Multi-Vendor.

We’d like to thank Laura and the HostingAdvice team for writing this review and helping to expand the presence of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor on the web.

By the way, check their website—there are tons of educational materials about hostings, how to choose the right one, and there are also a bunch of detailed hosting reviews:

P.S.: If you’d like to write about CS-Cart Multi-Vendor too, you are very welcome to contact us. We’ll provide you with the necessary info, photos, and other content.

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