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CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Acknowledged as Spring 2023’s Marketplace Category Leader by SourceForge

We’re proud to announce that CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, has once again been recognised as the leading marketplace software in the industry. This esteemed acknowledgment comes from SourceForge, a trusted online resource for software reviews and ratings. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor’s consistent excellence has been recognised every year and every season since 2021.

SourceForge, known for its impartial and rigorous evaluation process, conducted an extensive analysis of marketplace software solutions available in the market. After thorough scrutiny and evaluation, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor emerged as the unrivaled leader in the marketplace category for Spring 2023. This recognition reinforces CS-Cart’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge e-commerce solutions that empower businesses to succeed in the competitive online marketplace.

“We’re happy to announce this year’s remarkable Spring 2023 Leaders” said SourceForge President, Logan Abbott. “CS-Cart showed that they’re beloved by their users, as evidenced by the large quantity of outstanding user reviews.”

To win the Spring 2023 Leader award, each winner had to receive enough high-rated user reviews to place the winning product in the top 5% of favorably reviewed products on SourceForge, which demonstrates the utmost quality that CS-Cart delivers to customers.

“Once again, we have proven that CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is the best marketplace software with solutions for any size business,” said Ely Makarov, CEO of CS-Cart. “Our market leadership is the result of hard work and a customer-centric approach with a focus on Customer Success.”

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has garnered a loyal customer base across various industries and geographies due to its exceptional performance, reliability, and continuous innovation. The recognition by SourceForge further strengthens CS-Cart’s position as a market leader in the e-commerce industry.

For more information about CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and its capabilities, visit the official website at

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