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CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.7.3 Are Here


We have released CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.7.3. This version is a patch release, so it mostly contains bug fixes. However, there are also some interesting changes.

More [Beta] Add-ons in Distribution

We’re looking for ways to make sure that the new features we implement end up being useful for you. That’s why we release add-ons tagged as [Beta]. It means that their primary functionality has been implemented and tested, but some less significant features may not be there yet.

Thanks to this distribution model, you get a chance to use new features sooner. By the feedback we can see if the functionality is ready for everyday use, and what we can improve.

[Beta] add-ons are not installed by default, so it’s up to you whether you want to use them or wait until more features are added. In version 4.7.3 we’re adding 2 such add-ons to the distribution:

  • Advanced Products Import [Beta] allows you to tailor the import process to the imported files that you receive from your suppliers.
  • Responsive Admin Panel [Beta] allows you to control your store from a mobile device without a need for a dedicated mobile app. For this reason, the Mobile Admin App add-on is not included in new installations of 4.7.3 (however, if you upgrade from an older version, the add-on will still be there).

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Improvements

  • Now you can choose whether to send emails from the email address of a vendor or the marketplace. Previously, emails about order status changes were always sent from vendors’ email addresses. It is logical, since vendors handle these orders. However, this could result in emails not being sent via some SMTP servers with strict configuration. That’s why we added a new setting called Send vendor emails from marketplace email addresses to Settings → Emails. Enabling it should solve the problem.
  • Vendor editing page now displays statistics of the vendor in the sidebar. The information is shown as links; by clicking them you’ll open the pages with the relevant data. It is one more place where you can keep track of your vendors.

Bug Fixes

As usual, the main focus of a patch release is to fix bugs. Here are some of the issues we fixed in version 4.7.3:

  • Credit card info wasn’t removed from orders in the Incomplete status.
  • Guests could see all the returns requested by other guests.
  • Vendor’s administrators could get access to the import and export of vendors.
  • A couple of issues with product SEO snippets.

This isn’t the full list of changes. To see the full list, please visit our changelog. The upgrades to version 4.7.3 are already available. As usual, we provide upgrades in small batches, so if you don’t see this upgrade in your Upgrade Center yet, please try again later.

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