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CS-Cart Free is out now

CS-Cart Free is a professional eCommerce solution for developers to build online stores of any size. No need to pay for the license and search for new platforms to build new projects.


CS-Cart Free is a professional eCommerce software for building online shops, which is profitable for developers. This is the same paid CS-Cart with minor functionality limitations.

All the major advantages are still here:

For what?

CS-Cart Free is a perfect eCommerce platform for small and medium online shops:

For who?

CS-Cart Free is perfect for developers and small web development companies. Developers can quickly build custom online shops for businesses and save on license payments. Developers also save on the platform maintenance—we take care of the bugs in the software ourselves.

The product is also suitable for small businesses and manufacturers who want to start an online shop without development.

What’s the developer’s profit?

eCommerce project development is individual for every customer. A customer has their personal vision, goals, requirements, and needs. Very often, you have to search for a new software solution to build a store for a new customer. And it means more time, cost, and resources spent on development.

Of course, you can use complete paid solutions but their cost usually eats up a big pirce of your profit.

CS-Cart Free addresses both problems. CS-Cart is a professional versatile solution, which you can use to develop small online shops as well as large enterprise-level marketplaces. By mastering CS-Cart Free, a developer will be able to create any kind of eCommerce projects for any kind of custom on one platform. .

Besides that CS-Cart is a single platform for any project, it offers more advantages:

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