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CS-Cart Documentation: Everything in One Place


Although CS-Cart is one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-develop shopping softwares, it can still be a little complicated for those who are not prepared.

That’s why one of our goals is to make CS-Cart as clear as possible for every user. To help you understand CS-Cart quicker and better, we’re presenting our renewed CS-Cart documentation.

What’s Inside?

On the main CS-Cart Documentation page you will see a welcome and the contents:

For convenience, we have divided all the articles into 5 sections dedicated to different aspects of using CS-Cart.

Articles with the “How To” prefix teach you how to configure CS-Cart, and all the other articles describe CS-Cart features.

Also, pay attention to the “Tutorial Difficulty” box that many tutorials have. This box indicates the difficulty level of the tutorial:

We hope that you can now easily find answers to your questions about CS-Cart all in one place. Eventually, we’ll update all the docs and add new ones.

As soon as we add a new document, we’ll let you know in our Twitter feed, so follow us not to miss new articles and instructions.

You are welcome to share your feedback about new documentation in this forum topic. We’re still polishing the docs and would appreciate your opinion about how to make them more convenient.

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